Saturday, October 15, 2011

Just a few Nuts


The table is 3x5 and as you can see it goes from one end to the other and almost to both sides. This is 25 pounds of Chestnuts that we went picking a couple of weeks ago.


The place that we went to had a buy back program. They would buy back any that you didn’t want for .50 cents a pound. We sold back 45 pounds. I would have picked until all of mine were free but the family grew tired and bored.

I already cooked up a pile of them… They are so good! I do still have a ton in the freezer to enjoy all winter long. You can go here to see how to roast them up.



SkippyMom said...

Do you eat them plain or can they be added to recipes in lieu of, say, walnuts?

And that's a lot of nuts. wow!

Yart said...

We usually just roast them. But I have heard that they make a great stuffing and soup.

Heidi said...

They look great. I am so glad you linked this post up to the Fall Harvest Blog Hop. Thank you.