Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Falling asleep on my feet

I wrote this last night!

I need to get this typed up while I am waiting for Band monster to get done with practice. I am so afraid that I am going to fall asleep since this is the first time all day I have sat down.

After I dropped the monsters off at school I came home and emptied and washed the last 30 jars. Then I got started on cutting up the onions to dehydrate. I think that it was about 5 pounds. Altogether I got 7 trays of diced onions. I would have done more but I could no longer breathe or see… LOL!


Then I got started on cutting the cabbage for kraut. Grim was a huge help with this as we did 3 heads that weighed in at 21 pounds. So this took all his strength to muddle the cabbage. Man what a job. But it is done and awaiting its final home in the basement.


I got 2 loaves of French bread made. I also made for the first time Sourdough Dinner Rolls the recipe can be found here…. They came out great. Will be using my starter for this on a regular basis from now on. Since I had so much starter to use up I also made 3 batches of Sourdough buckwheat pancakes…. Minus the buckwheat… the recipe can be found here. I made so many because I am trying to get the monsters off of cereal in the mornings. It isn’t healthy and its expensive.


For dinner I made 2 pounds of pasta, 2 pounds of hamburger and beef gravy…. mixed it altogether baked for 1/2 an hour. Everyone really liked it. I liked it cause it was quick and easy.

And the dishes I have done all day… They just kept multiplying. I hate when they do that…. My shirt has dish pan hands, from where I lean against the sink…. LOL!