Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 19


This is an area that we would have problems with. We know quite a few of our neighbors, at least enough to know some names and to say hello when we see them. There are couple of stores that know us and three restaurants. That’s it. The people that Grim works with all live other places. Even the monsters go to a school that is in a different city then we live in. With me being a SAHM, I have devoted my life to my family ( not everyone’s gig, just mine ), so I have no real life friends ( I use to, until they moved on ). So for all my online friend if the grid goes down… make sure I have addresses so that we can still communicate! ( You know who you are… LOL! )

Wendy Brown talks about how some people never even have met the neighbors. I can relate! Most of my interactions are done online. Even with my extended family. They have moved several times and I no longer have addresses. We just talk on Facebook. I know sad. But that just seems to be the way of life any more.

I am an only child, my mom came here to marry my dad. All of her family is in Canada. All of my dad’s family went the way of the dodo when he died.

Ok, who has the pork chop bone to tie to my leg so the dogs will play with me… LOL!

This isn’t suppose to be sad. But I am being honest here. My network is very limited. So I guess I need to get off the computer and open the door and make some friends.

Things to Get or Do
  1. Make some more connections
  2. Make some friends
  3. Talk to the neighbors more