Tuesday, October 18, 2011

And a Few Nuts More

Grim took me out yesterday on the bike… We had a nice ride even though it was cold enough for me to have to put my face mask on. He’s a big guy so I didn’t need my chaps yet. Those will be coming out soon.

We stopped at one of our favorite spots. The hopes of finding black walnuts were quickly dashed. The only ones we saw were smushy. So off to find a potty. As I was walking out of the potty I happened to notice acorn tops. Then I notice acorns. Not very big ones but acorns none the less. Grim and I picked up as many as we could fit into our pockets. Then wouldn’t you know it, we found black walnuts but had no place to put them as we were pretty far away from the bike at that time. That’s ok, we ended up with 1lb 6oz of acorns.


Now here is what to do with them. You can grind them into flour! Click Here for all your acorn answers.

**Side note** I know why I was able to get so many acorns… The majority of them were bad. That’s why the squirrels left them. Now I know to get my butt out there earlier and try to get good ones.



Carolyn Renee said...

Have you made acorn flour before? And what type of acorn have you used? I've tried to make flour using the red or black oak acorns we have here, but with no success. I'm hoping I've finally found a white oak tree with acorns, but it's a bit late & like you, I think the squirrels already beat me to the good ones.

cmv... said...

NO way! I should try this. We have 42 oak trees in our yard. Usually we just shovel them up and pitch them in the woods. We usually have buckets and buckets of them every year.