Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 21

First of all, I can still walk…. Thank the Gods for that! But if that didn’t suit my fancy I do have a nice bicycle with metal saddlebag baskets. I also have one of the monster pull along buggy things, for hauling. I am also lucky to have a big ole dog. So he could pull the wagon if needed.

All of the monsters and Grim have good bikes. So if we needed we all could still go somewhere.

Grim’s job is the only thing that we have been talking about. How will he get to work? I still see a few things still working even in the low energy future. Police, Fire, Medical and the Railroad. Grim falls into the railroad profession. Items still need to get across the country and there are only so many that can run those big things. Even in the worst of times in our past the trains ran. So there is no reason to think other wise. So how will he get to work? I guess they will have to pick him up at the tracks and take him to the station. From there he would get on his train and go to work. To get from our house to the tracks he could walk or he could ride his bicycle. It is only about a mile and a half.

Come to think of it he is going to need snowshoes to make that trek in the winter! Gotta love the North!!!

Things to Get or Do

  1. Get snowshoes for each member of the family (been thinking about doing it for a couple of years)
  2. Look into getting a pull harness for the beast
  3. See if I can put chains on the wagon tires… LOL! Just kidding