Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 16

Building a Library

This one I have so covered. I have old school books to the classics to romances. Plus all the self-sufficient books and hundreds of magazines. Not to mention all of the stuff that I have printed off line that I would finally have time to read and sort out.

We have quite a few kids books. Even though Mouthy is going to be 8 in a couple weeks, she still needs to have the cute stories! The other two are very much like me when it comes to reading.  They have a ton of books on all types of vampires and Japanese animation.

Need to Get or Do
  1. Buy more books ( DUH )
  2. Print off more material on line
  3. Get Mouthy a few more age appropriate books



SkippyMom said...

I am sure you already have them, but just in case, a good dictionary and a thesaurus are good to have - in case you can't get on line.

A few years ago we bought Wallene an Encyclopedia [it was published by Google] full of a billion interesting tidbits. Although I know paper Encyclopedias can change over time because of changes in the world and history being made everyday - she LOVED [and still loves] it. A lot of the stuff in it will never change. She has read it to pieces, literally. The hard cover is coming off. If you could find something similar Mouthy might like something like that too.

Just a thought.

Yart said...

That's a Great idea! Thanks Skippy!