Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The End

I really enjoyed the time I spent working my way through “Surviving the Apocalypse in the Suburbs” by Wendy Brown.

We always assumed that we would move out to the country one day. Well, this book made it clear that we need to make sure that we still make today a safe place to live, even if we do move in the future. Simply because we may not get out fast enough.

The book showed me that I am on a good path, but there is still a lot I could do.

It also made me get off my a$$ and check a few things out. First I contacted the city. There is no ordinance against bees. But I was told that if some one complained then I would be made to get rid of them… So I am going to be getting bees in the spring… Yes! Then I contacted everyone and their brother to see about putting a wood burner in the living room. We can do it…. the but here is that it is going to cost a lot of money and I would loose more space in the living room then I am willing to give up. So right now we will not be getting a wood burner. Maybe down the road if we hit the lottery then I will look into one of the high efficient wood burners… lots more money but I can put it closer to the wall.

I also realize now that I need to make more connections outside of the house. I’m not sure yet how I am going to accomplish this, but the first step is getting to know my neighbors a little bit better. Since I don’t even live near the town center it is hard to make those types of connections. I am on the outside corner of my town and the outside corner of two other towns… both of their town centers are just as far away as my own. But I really don’t think I will have to worry about the stores as they will probably close up shop in the event something like this does happen. So my best bet is still the neighborhood.

My biggest concern still is food and water. So I have continued to can up the bounty. This week I will be pressure canning a few more quarts of water to add to the shelf… ( I started do this because the canner wasn’t full and I was afraid that some of the jars would jump around and break…. so I filled up jars of water and added them in. ) Sterile water…. gotta love it! Just for the cost of a quart jar and lid…. versus $4.50 for 24oz at Emergency Essentials.

We have also been trying to eliminate all waste. I have been cooking and coming up with recipes to use the leftovers in. There is very little that is making its way into the trash. I am in the process of making toilet paper and sanitary napkins. ( I will let you know how that goes... LOL! )

Oh, and one more thing…

The opinions expressed here are my own. I was not compensated in any way for doing this review. It was a book that I purchased and thought would be interesting to follow the 21 days.



SkippyMom said...

I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed it Yart. It does make you think, doesn't it. You have some great ideas too.

Thanks for doing it. :D

Deus Ex Machina said...

Yart, I am glad you were able to read through and pick up some new ideas. Many people have a hard time looking at themselves and seeing things that need to change. Still others find something to diasgree with and dismiss everything else on that basis.

Thank you for your thorough review of the concepts Wendy presented. You are well on your way ... I look forward to following your further progress.