Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 13

Health Care

This is an are that we could have a few issues with. Grim is a heart patient and has apnea. He is on several different medications and he has a CPAP machine ( need more electricity then I first thought ). I need to find herbals that would accommodate him as best as possible. Doctors will be far and few between and medicines will be in short supply. Doctors and the Drug companies need machines to do the job. When we are no longer running on oil as a nation, how are these machines suppose to run?

I can sew enough to do stitches, I think I could set a bone… at least after I passed out a time or two. I know how to dress a wound. And I am taking an herbal class. So I will have the knowledge to deal with most things even if I don’t have the herbals to do it. So maybe I can substitute. Pulling teeth, I think Grim is up for that job. See how I skirted that one.

Need to Do or Get
  1. Finish herbal classes
  2. Look for alternatives for Grim
  3. Look for solar to run his CPAP machine
  4. Plant commonly used medicinal herbs


SkippyMom said...

Is his apnea caused by his heart or is is something that you can fix [like being overweight - not that I think Grim is, but it was one of the conditions of apnea that causes] because if you can solve that then you wouldn't need the machine. Just a thought.

My father in law has a CPAP too, but he it is because of the make up of his throat - my husband has it too. Dang heredity. heehee

Otherwise, you look as tho' you have this pretty well planned out. And your healthy diet will go a long way towards keeping you all healthy.

PS Thanks for answering my questions the other day.