Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 15


There will be a need for tools that don’t require electricity. Luckily, Grim has us covered. We have an axe and wedge. We have hammers, saws, screwdrivers. I even have an antique hand drill. Plus, most of the men in the neighborhood have tools. So if we didn’t have something then I’m sure we would be able to borrow it.

In the kitchen I have been switching over to manual tools versus the electrical ones. I have a hand beater and of course my wisks. I have a toaster that I can use on the cooktop. I have several pieces of cast iron. Most of my cookware is glass. So that may not be a great idea for using on the wood burner… LOL! But I have been weeding out my endless supply of plastic containers. They have been replaced with canning jars.

Things to Do or Get
  1. Dutch Oven cast iron
  2. muffin tins cast iron
  3. Look into a hand crank Mixer "Little Dutch Maid"