Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Busy Day

When I got up this morning, it was still overcast. So I waited a bit and got the monsters up. I took Picky with me to go and get peas. Of course when we get there I am told that they are sugar snap peas…. hmmm! So we only picked a peck. Now I have a peck of peas and not really sure what to do with them. I am going to head over to Punk Domestics to see if there are any ideas. I really don’t want to freeze them if I can avoid it. We had a nice time picking though, it was cloudy with a nice breeze. We were almost done and the sun came out. No complaints!

I pulled in 5 heads of romaine today as they were showing signs of bolting. I caught it in time before they went bitter. I still have 20 more heads out there. Luckily, we eat about 5 heads a sitting. They aren’t very big or tight. I love being able to pull from the garden. I think I would need an entire greenhouse full of lettuce to actually save money with the way we eat. Every little bit does help.

Like that video about victory gardens. It said that 1 bushel equals 12 quarts and that each person in the house needs at least 20 quarts. For us that would be 100 quarts. I do about 1/2 that and a 1/4 of that comes from my garden. I am hoping this year that my yield will be much improved with the spacing of the plants. I need to fertilize them but it keeps raining. I’m afraid that if I fertilize them now the plants won’t benefit.

Took the monsters to the library today. I was hoping to find some books on fermenting. There is an on-line class about fermenting, I just don’t know if I want to spend the money right now. So I thought I would use a free source. Of course, no such luck. But I was able to find some good books on preservation. I hope to learn a lot from them. The one I think I need to purchase for my home library is Stocking Up III. It is full of tons of great information. They even talk about what to do with Kefir grains.

I have a couple of links to share with you today!

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