Thursday, June 9, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

First let me say I did not get pictures. I had my hands full.

It is finally bearable outside. So off I go to water the garden. I figure that even though it was a warm day not super hot my plants needed a drink. Good think I went out there. I water 3 of the beds and go to water the fourth. And to my surprise, yep I yelped.... there was a robin trapped in the netting I put around and over the strawberries. I called for Grim. We were able to get a hold of the bird and he cut out a huge section of the netting. The poor thing once caught twirled itself around, so Grim had to cut the netting string by string as I held it. The whole time praying that I wouldn't break something or accidentally kill it. And of course two of the monsters were right there watching.... No pressure! We were able to completely free it. Once I let it go it was able to fly to the fence... It didn't put any weight on the foot. But that's ok, it can fly... Job well done.... and the netting is gone. It was suppose to keep them out not trap them.

I got my first batch of jars washed out yesterday. I still have a lot more to do. These are the remainder of the first year canning adventures. With each success, I made more and more. Yep, just a little compulsive... LOL! It is bittersweet. I hate to see all the food wasted, but I'm glad that I had it in the first place. We ate quite a bit out of the pantry while Grim was laid up. I have a better idea now what works for us and what doesn't. This year I think will be an easier year. I have the steam juicer. I can't wait to start canning again. Yummm!

Oh, I have some exciting news. Last year I got a warty pumpkin... You know the kind Judy... They are french.... ohhhhh lala. Anyways, while I trying to prepare them, my pyrex blew up in the oven.... So I never even had a chance to try one. But I was smart and saved the seeds. Since I have never saved seeds and used them, these were the Guinea pigs so to say. I planted a handful of seeds in each of the 4 holes. I didn't count as I really didn't think I dried them right (so nothing was going to grow anyways, right?) Wrong, I have 14 plants, I am scared to thin them as they all look so healthy. Remember half-a$$ed gardener here. Mind you they are all in a 4x4 raised bed. I know your shaking your head laughing cause you all know what is going to happen.... right around harvest time these plants are going to eat me... LOL! One day I will tell you about my first garden. It put me on the path to never garden again. I figure my yard is going to be completely over run and I will have 18 thousand pounds of pumpkins..... and seeds galore to dry and give away.

On to other news from the garden. I really do have grapes growing. I have only had the vines for 3 years and have never seen grapes start out itty bitty. They start out like a little cluster of green pods.... tiny though.... then those pods turn into a type of flower again very small. Then the flower fades and there are these very small green round ends.... sorry I have no idea what any of the technical terms might be. There is very little information on line for grapes at this stage. The blueberry plant that I bought this spring has a ton of berries growing. The other two I have had are just growing, no sign of berries, maybe they are late bloomers. Almost forgot I got a fig when I bought the blueberry. It has two little pod things.... I don't know if they are flowers or if they are the fruit. Will keep you updated on this. All of the pear blossoms fell off and died, except for one. Keeping fingers crossed. My apples all look like something attacked them. They have small scratch looking marks on them. Like I said before I am in no way a master gardener.... half the time I wouldn't even consider myself a gardener.... I just get things to grow... sometimes to my own detriment..... Attacking Pumpkins... LOL!

Gotta Run,