Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Productive Solstice!

It was overcast most of the morning. I took the monsters and went for a walk and paid the car insurance. Yes, I am aware of how funny that sounds. It was a nice walk and just getting muggy when we got home. Grim got up, he worked afternoons yesterday and we went out to Cabela’s. He needed to pick something up. Guy stuff… LOL!

Then once we got home I thought I should check on the garden. Good thing I did. As everyone of the tomato plants had fallen over. So I tied them up and got the trellising up for the cucumbers. By this time it was so hot, I had sweat rolling into my eyes. The garden is in the best shape ever. I am so happy that I got out there and got it going again this year. From the looks of it, I might actually know what I’m doing. Go figure!?! I still need to figure out how and when to harvest the Swiss Chard seeds. I am amazed that in just 3 short years I have become a gardener… yes, half a$$ed but one none the less. So far no blight, bugs or powdery mildew. This year I didn’t crowd my plants. I think that is a learning experience, though. In the beginning I tried to get as much into the space as I could. The of course nothing grew right as the competition for water and nutrients was huge.

I was able to pull some French breakfast radishes today. They were still on the small side but I was very curious about them. Grim liked them. I am still waiting on the watermelon and icicle radishes to do something. They are growing nice greens but there are no bulbs. Still waiting.  I figure that in about 2 weeks I will be picking green beans. The tomatoes have all either set fruit or are blooming! Should be a good harvest. I need to get out and start pulling the romaine lettuce as I think it might decide to bolt this week.

Its raining again. And suppose to continue tomorrow also. If it lets up there is a you pick place for sugar peas. I think that I will take the monsters out there and get some peas to can up. Last year I did corn and it didn’t turn out. I found out later that it was because I used a really sweet type. The year before that I canned up green beans but they turned out really soft. So I figure that I will work on the peas this time. I might just dehydrate them though…. That’s a thought!

Gotta Run,