Monday, June 20, 2011

Stitch and Rip

I made mention about 7 months ago that I knew I needed to start walking the walk. I knit, crochet, can, dehydrate, and a lot of other handy things. But the one thing that has scared me has been making clothes. You know the stuff that dreams are made of.

I figured that since it was the summer solstice it was the perfect time to try out the simplicity dress pattern. I used a pink and white polka dot. First, I apparently can’t figure out what size I am to start with, to big. That being said, I also can’t read directions. I cut out the pattern but from there it is a lot of head scratching and looking at the pattern again and again.

I think I can fix the to big part by taking it in at the waist. But the neck part, is going to be a bugger. I need to rip it all out and see if I can adapt to something better. I guess if I followed the pattern it would have turned out fine. But leave it to me to have to change, overcome and adapt…. LOL!
At least I know I don’t like this dress. So the material that I bought to make more of these ugly things can be used to make other ugly, non fitting clothes… LOL! I will figure it out one of these days. I just need more practice.

If only I could find a mentor to help with all of this stuff, in my area. That would be awesome. But since I don’t know a soul who could help…. Remember *shy one here*! I will keep looking to the “net” for support and directions!

I will post pictures when I finish the dress. It will either stay a dress or it will become part of a quilt. Waste not, Right?

Gotta Rip,