Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lazy kind of day

When I weighed the peas we had 9 pounds. Good thing, because the monsters didn’t want to stop eating them. We snapped them to get the string off, then I blanched them for 3 minutes and plunged them into ice water. We let them dry on cookie sheets with towels and the fan going. Once they were dry we put them in to zip bags, about 1/2 a bag for serving size. Then we put them into big freezer bags. We ended up with 24 1/2 bags. I think there would have been more but those monsters really liked the peas. I guess next year the whole family will have to go and pick. I think a bushel will be enough.  Sorry, no pictures. I was enjoying the fact that all 3 monsters wanted to help.

Today is a cool, rainy kind of day. The monsters all have an appointment to get their teeth cleaned. One more thing off the to do list.  I need to feed the sourdough today. I think I have enough flour. I hope I do… I don’t want to have grind any more today. Oh, by the way….. After you grind wheat you need to sift it to get out the wheat germ. Make sure you put the wheat germ in the fridge as it will bad really quick.

I still haven’t gotten back to finishing the dress. I will be working on it today though. I need for it to work or it goes into the pile of lets make something else. I am also working on another knitted hat. Plus, I still have to finish the project with the Cold Antler Farm wool. Lots of projects, just need to sit down and finish them.

I have a ton of Black Swallowtail Butterfly Caterpillars in my dill. They don’t eat to much and since all the dill in the garden is volunteer it makes me happy to see. I am glad that my garden is helping to proliferate a life form other then my own.

Gotta Run,