Monday, April 11, 2011

Crazy Days

Didn't go to the gym today, as Mondays are my late day. All the kids start later on Mondays... It is suppose to be better for the teachers... I think that they should get out early on Friday... But that's my opinion!

Grim is on his first day back to work... Thank the Gods!!! Now our life will get moving again. This holding pattern we have been on this past year has been fine, but it got old pretty quick. He will be getting his new Harley next month. The Credit Union said the loan is his.... They just need a paystub. Not a problem.... So he is very happy!

Since I signed the 4 of us up to do the 5k before he was back to work, I don't know if he will be there or not. So I got my mom to fill in... Then if he is home I will just pay for here to go also. It will be fun as this will be her first 5k... The monsters are already planning on running most of it. I will just walk really fast... LOL!

Picky monsters team did a roll off and lost. But I told her that they made it to that point and they should be very proud of themselves. Of course being 13, she took it to heart. When asked if she wanted to do summer bowling she said yes, that she needs to get better. So at least there's that.

The monsters and I got out in the yard yesterday and started cleaning it up. Today, I moved all the jars of dehydrated and jars of beans and the like on to the new shelves. I am sorely lacking in the organization department in the pantry. That is why it was essential to move this stuff. The pantry will still hold the home canned food. What a job... LOL! I need to empty out jars... Every year I go through and toss out any thing that has hit the 2 year mark. Can't wait for pigs... then I would just slop it out to them.

Speaking of pigs... I am still reading Farm City by Novella Carpenter. This book is for anyone with a slighty off view. I mean really she kept 2 duran pigs in her back yard. If there isn't something just a little odd about that in todays times I don't know what is. Now it all works out for the best. But she lets the reader know that this was not at all easy and shouldn't be for the faint of heart. One thing that I was very ignorant of was that most major cities at one time not only allowed pigs but had great interest in them. There were clubs all about pigs.... Who knew. See people kept pigs to clean up the garbage, since they are omnivores they eat pretty much anything. We no longer have city pigs because we have trash collection!

I wonder if the economy keeps going on the downward, will cities let us have pigs and chickens and ??? oh my! Will the government not only push us to have victory gardens but help us along the path... Hmmmmm! Will we once again be allowed to feed ourselves or are we going to be forced to eat garbage.... Hey, I guess there still are city pigs... Yep, I went there!

Gotta Run,


SkippyMom said...

Everyone can keep wishing for that era in America - of Victory Gardens and helping each other, but it isn't going to happen. We are seventy years removed from that. You have to do what you can - and if the ordinances don't work to favor you then your choice is to move [easier said then done I know.] Neither party is going to pass sweeping measures to allow this in the suburbs and urban areas.

Glad your hubs is back at work and you guys are going to be able to afford a new Harley after so many months of disability. That worked out great! Hope you share pics. They are gorgeous! Congrats.

SkippyMom said...

*it should read "close to" seventy years. It is actually sixty six years.


Yart said...

That's ok for the years... I know that it was way before I was born... Really though considering what most people do to their children I wouldn't want them raising any animal. Especially since animals don't seem interested in cell phones, video games and tv, anyways. LOL!

As far as changing the ordinaces, I doubt that will ever happen, unless the pretty people (jersey shores and the real housewives) want to raise chickens... LOL!