Sunday, April 10, 2011

Reverance and Neighbors

I need to take a moment and morn the loss of the 3 person that I grew up with that has passed in the past 8 months. I hate facebook. If it weren't for facebook I would be oblivious to these peoples passing.... I would think of them fondly going about their lives. But no facebook wants to put it out there that they died. They were all special in their own right. But this latest one.... He was one of my Uncles friends.... He was there my whole life growing up.... He even dated one of my Aunts... Didn't work out but still.... I was able to see him a couple years ago at the family reunion.....He was still the same funny, weird guy I had known since childhood. This sucks to bad... Everyone needs to stop dyeing right now. I mean it! Especially since I can't stop myself from going on facebook even at 3am.

Ok, I have cried my tears and morned my loss, let me move on to neighbors since it easier for me to be pissed then sad. My neighbor came into my yard and cleaned out one of my flower beds in the front yard. He cleaned out all the leaves and cut back all of last years growth. How dare he!!! I mean really who the fuck does he think he is..... This is my house my yard and I pay the mortgage here. Where does he get off touching anything in my yard.... Over the years he has come over and cut the grass and edged my yard without my consent.... He has snow blowed. To which we have returned the favor... But this is has gotten out of hand. He very likely killed my plants as that was the shelter from the possible frosts.... Last frost date here is like May 15th... So I leave last years growth and leaves around to protect it. I know it doesn't look very pretty but damn....It is what I do. I guess the joke will be on him when I contact that company that paints your house and pay your mortgage.... LOL! What an eye sore my house will be then,..... LOL! Fucking people.. Need to mind their own business.

He is the reason I won't even attempt chickens.... He would be the first one to complain.... Even though he runs a business out of his garage with no permit... and has an extra building on the property......And is making noise from sun up to sun down with the business...Grinding and sanding and whatever else he does. I don't complain or call the city because I'm neighborly......

I'm tired now.....
Gotta Run,