Thursday, April 7, 2011

Good Mid Morning to You!

I didn't sleep well the past few nights as I am so use to having Grim here and his breathing machine.... I'll tell you that thing really drowns out the night time noises. I could hear the rabbit fart in the next room. No I'm not kidding... It was terrible... LOL! But all that changes tonight, For Grim will be home some time tonight. YEAH!! So because we missed him so much I am making his favorite dinner.... HAM! Of course there will be side dishes also. Man can't live on ham alone.... But I'm sure Grim would try! :O)

I was so bored after dinner last night. I was full but with boredom comes the cravings to eat, and eat anything that isn't tied down. So what's a crafty girl like me to do? Yep, you guessed it, I pulled out the sewing machine and got started on the aprons that I bought the material for last October. Yep, procrastinator...right here! Once I got started I kept going and got 3 of them done. None of them have pockets though... the pocket pattern didn't line up with the apron pattern. Not me just a miss print on the material. That was fine with me as it went alot quicker. When I say quicker it took an hour to iron and sew each one. I'm not complaining.... I am thrilled to have gotten that much done.

I would have sewn more but I found what I had forgotten that I bought. I got a sock loom. So I wanted to watch the video and get started. Not quite as easy as it looks in the video. But I am determined to at least make a pair of socks. Then maybe my brain will click and I can do it with needles instead... or if not then get good enough with the loom to make a ton of socks. See that is like hitting the big time for me.... Making socks! Last year it was figuring out how to make a real loaf of bread with my own two hands. So the socks and getting my seedlings to grow outside are the big time for me this year!
Top of the World, Ma!!!

I hit the gym this morning after dropping of Mouthy. Got to do my hour on the elleptical, over 4 miles today. I even got my speed up over 5 miles an hour for a bit. That machine use to scare the bejesus out of me. I thought it was going to kill me. Luckily, I figured it out, as it is the best exercise I can do for me. Gets me moving and quickly and as long as I don't use the moving handles my heart rate stays right in target range. Even went through my whole water bottle before I was finished. But I sweated most of it out... It's good to be hydrated!

Well, I've rambled enough for today...
Gotta Run,