Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday~ back to the grind

The monsters are off for Easter break. I was still up at 4 this morning... But I stayed in bed and nodded on and off till 8:30. Then I got up, ate breakfast, did my weight training exercises and then played on facebook. We were suppose to go to the library today.... but the monsters wanted to watch Burn notice that Grim TIVO'd. So while they watched that I played a new game.

We ended up getting Chinese for dinner. I have to work bingo and he has to go to work. I really hope we both have an easy night. Both of us are feeling poorly. It doesn't help that it snowed. I know I live in the northern part of the county, it doesn't surprise me as much as being an inconvience. I had to turn the heat up. The other day it was shut off, then turned back on, only to have it turned up today. Looking forward to a wood stove one day in the future.

Tomorrow I will be making bread, taking the monsters to the library, going to the store to get white eggs (for the monsters to color), doing laundry, oh I forgot I need to get a belt for the vaccuum (2nd one in a month). I might even try to sourdough again.... the last time it went good for 3 days and then it seperated and smelled funny. I don't know what happened, but I'm willing to try again... LOL!

I have put my request in for angora bunnies for my birthday. Since it's in June if we get little ones then it will be warm enough for them. I have been looking at the wood hutches. I think they will do good here. I just hope the dog - barking won't be a problem for them. I need to do more research on them.... Picky's rabbit has been good practice. But you know I have never shorn a rabbit myself...or mated rabbits either. Then again I had never picked up a rabbit or trimmed its nails either before this past year. It will be fine!

I was reading in a blog the other day.... (sorry I can't remember which one) but they said that dwarf/pigmy goats milk has a higher fat content so it doesn't taste goaty. This is awesome as I have never had goats milk and neither have the family. So if it is closer to cow's milk they will be more apt to try and adapt.

LOL! Really, my family might revolt when they see where thier food really comes from. That's a chance I'm willing to take. Plus, you never know by the time we get out of suburbia the montsers might be grown anyways. Hope not but there is always that possibility!

Gotta Run,