Thursday, April 21, 2011

Homestead Happenings

How is everyone doing today? Good I hope! We are all fighting off a little bug, nothing major, just annoying. Grim, was home most of the day today. So we went to one of the area parks, it is a metro park... Now it's not a State Park or a County Park.... But you have to pay to get a membership for the year. They have nature centers and walking/bicycle paths. Wooded nature walking trails are what we hit today. There were tons of deer. They kept hopping out of the bush onto the trail right in front of us. Very Kewl!

Then since we were already out it was time to see if my farm markets were open yet. Nope, not till the end of the month. But I did stop to see the old farmer.... he usually has stuff to sell. I wasn't dissappointed. I got foodhook, italian rose beans and purple hull beans. I also got a flat of romaine lettuce. After we got home I had to get off my lazy butt and clean out one of the beds. So now that is done and the 24 heads of romaine are planted. In about 3 weeks I will go back and get another flat for another box. That way I can stagger them. I know what your thinking why not grow them from seed. Lettuce hates me. I have tried before and I will try again at another time. But since I want lettuce I need to buy starts. Where else am I going to get 24 heads of lettuce for $8.99.

Tonight I needed to do some sewing. There was a fitted sheet that got a tear and Grim's jammie pants ripped ( cheap store bought ones), anyways.... As I was sitting here sewing, I thought how lucky I am. Yep, lucky to be darning. I feel that way because I had the forthought to learn how to do it. I have the ability to put that knowledge into action. And that I have the tools at my disposal. It makes me know that know matter how good or bad things get there is still a basic knowledge of simple survival in me. Kewl, huh?

Grim and I will be going tomorrow to get the supplies to put up the fence and gate to keep the gaurd dog from using my garden as his personal potty! It is just 4 posts and wire fencing. I would so love to go and get a couple of chickens to toss in there but my neighbor would complain to the city, I'm sure! Since we will be at the big home improvement store I think I will get the lumber to make a couple raised boxes for my mom, a gallon of paint to get the dining room done, and the chair molding to keep all the scratches off the newly painted walls. Oh, and I need to look at a new fan for Mouthy's room.

Now I'm tired so I'm off to bed!


Witchy Mom's Homeschool and Organic Gardens said...

I have been considering some pre-planted lettuce as well. I planted a mesclun mix last year and it did 'alright' but never really took off.

I also pride myself on the fact I can sew. I'm no pro, but I can certainly repair rips and create some basics when needed.

It feels so good to realize our parents/those before us did right by us by teaching us how to do it!