Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back to Normal (almost)

I am getting ready to take the monsters to school. It is always bittersweet. I love having them home but I enjoy them leaving also. As soon as the littlest one is out of the car I will head for the gym. I need to go, my body is craving it.... LOL!

There are a couple links I want to share. The first one got me thinking. It is for Pickled Eggs. She offers several different recipes. Simply Recipes. I cracked up a few and put them in pickle juice. So we will see how they turn out. Hopefully, the monsters will like them.

Home Storage Skills offers the Ultimate way to season cast iron here. I need to get some flax seed oil.... I have two pans that have been waiting for me to have time to do them. Well, I guess I was just waiting for the right time and now the right technique!

I thought that this was just neat and wanted to share.....
Encouragement for the Doers

You can even make healthy soda pop.... Yep, healthy!
Kefir Soda Pop

Have you ever thought of making homemade sanitary napkins? I know I have, but never got around to doing it. Well, there is a place here on line called Lunapads, they offer a selection of washable sanitary napkins, in several styles. Nope, I'm not getting anything from them... this is just a "hey I found this and you might be interested", type of thing.

Now I've cleaned up all my open windows, by sharing! One more thing accomplished!!

Gotta Run,