Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring Fever

I know that we are weeks away from winter's end. But I have had the worse case of Spring Fever. I got into the bathroom and washed the ceiling, walls and cabinets. Still need to do the floor. In my room we finally got around to getting a new mattress set. So right now I am waiting for it to be delivered.

Grim and I went out to the LDS Home Storage Center this week. First, let me just say how very nice the people were that were out there. They were very helpful and were able to answer all of my questions. I got quite a bit of red and white wheat, black & white beans, powdered milk and some pasta. Oh, they even had a couple cans of apples. So I got 2. I opened one as soon as we got home, cause I have always heard how good they are. And let me tell you they are as good as everyone has said they are. Since I don't have any experience with #10 cans and dry goods I picked up a couple of the started kits. They have 2 Hard red wheat, 2 white rice, pinto beans, quick oats, all #10 cans. The boxes also have recipes and some other good beginner information. All in all, Grim and I had a good experience and are planning on going back again in a couple of months. I still have to put everything away.

Ok, now I'm going to brag... Picky monster won first place for creating a bookmark for the school library. She got her bookmark lamenated, a certificate and $5. I am so proud of her. She plans on being a CSI that is an artist by night.... LOL! To be 13 again with all the dreams and aspirations!

Almost forgot.... I found the cord to my camera so I will have some pictures in the next few days to share.

Gotta Run,