Monday, March 14, 2011

I did it

Well, actually, we did it!!! The 4 of us went down to the 5K and did really well. The monsters were about 10 minutes faster then us. But it only took us 52 minutes to do the 3.1 mile walk. I even walked at Grim's pace which is way faster then my own. I am very proud of my family. They went in support of me but they found that they really enjoyed doing it. So the monsters have already said that they will go with me all the time if I want. Grim, said that as long as he is home he will go! This is awesome!!!

We all were so geared up after we got home. But then what must happen, happened, we all crashed early. Then none of us wanted to get up this morning. Grim had therapy, then we went to the gym.... My body screamed at me for the first 20 minutes... Oh, the things it said to me arn't worth repeating... LOL! But Grim and I both managed to get through the workout. Then we went to lunch and then I had to do my strength training. Oh, the pain and misery. BLECHHHH! It is done now... and I really do feel better for having done it.

I have to work bingo tonight. Only a couple more months and I will be off for summer break. Oh, I have a doctors appointment for a spot on my shoulder. I think it might be a mole... but it looks funny to me. So I will have the doctor look at it. Because I want it removed. It scared me when I saw it, and if he doesn't remove it and run the test I will drive myself crazy thinking cancer. No I haven't had it but my dad died of complications due to non-hodgekins lymphoma. So yep, any thing to do with cancer scares the shit out of me.

My house needs to be cleaned. Hopefully, tomorrow I will feel like doing it. I also have to go to the store and get the cabbage and corned beef for dinner on Thursday. I guess some friends are coming over and we are going to stumble to the pub from my place. LOL! It should be a good time! Grim and I are planning on taking out the bicycles on Thursday as well. We normally go out on the Harley but since it was sold we have to settle for manual power.

Off to get monsters from school!

Gotta Run,


Faerie Sage said...

Congrats! Its wonderful to hear that you completed it.
You deserve real congratulations for completing something you worked so hard for!