Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just another day

Not to much is going on here right now. Well, I mean there is always stuff going on but nothing important. I do have a funny story to tell you....

I'm at the computer yesterday playing farmville (yep, still can't get outside), Grim comes in as calm as can be and says "hey I just wanted to let you know the chainsaw is on fire", to this I reply really, somehow that doesn't shock me. He says no really it is really hot and it's smoking.... See this doesn't surprise me. We bought one of those Wildthing 16" blade from Poulan.... This is the third one we have had. The first 2 we had to take back because there was something wrong with the clutch on both of them. Now Grim is finally able to resume his life and wanted to get this tree cut up before he got back to work. So to make a long story short, off to Sears we go and but a Craftsman 18" bladed chainsaw. It worked like a dream Grim said. Now I need to find the reciept and take that piece of crap back and see if I can get my money back for it.

Oh, I also didn't tell you that Teenage monster caused an incident here on Saturday before bowling. She was down in the basement doing something. She sees a spider on the washer.... She kicks the washer.... The cold water supply to the washer breaks..... By the time Grim and I make it down there, water is all over the place... Dirty clothes are soaked, she is soaked.... The other two monsters are in the fray and they were soaked. She had tried to turn the water off before we got to her.... But she turned it the wrong way so she grabbed a bucket and tried to block the water.... As mad as I was it was just to damn funny. The sad things is that we don't even know if she got the spider... LOL! Grim gave Teenage monster a lesson in plumbing later on that day!

Over the last 20 years we have owned two rocker recliner chairs. Both of which have been used to the point that the bottom/base wears out... Then we still keep the chairs, not wanting the expense of having to replace them. Well, last week I got tired of the broke down chair. So off to the curb it went.... I know what your thinking someone could have use it.... Well, as they picked up and just got it outside the whole inside of the chair fell out. I think that is all it was waiting for to die.... LOL! We have decided not to replace it. At least not for a few years.... I don't need it until I have grands.... That is all I've ever used them for anyways. Rockin' Babies!!!

My seedlings are still growing. At least some of them. Most of the beans died as did the sunflowers. I might try them again. But then again the weather is starting to turn for the better. I still need to work on the garden.... Reconfigure it. That can wait a few more days.

Diet is going good, so are the workouts. I go and get my stitches out today. There are only 3 of them but I can't wait. I need to color my hair and do a pedicure. Those are my spluges. But I do them myself so they don't cost all that much.

Enough rambling!
Gotta Run,


SkippyMom said...

Exactly how hard to you have to kick a washing machine to break the water supply hose?

Is your daughter a secret super hero we don't know about?

That is amazing. heehee

Yart said...

I know right.... And the spider was smaller then a dime... But the guys at the hardware said that we should replace the hoses every 10 years and it has been like 16 years with the same hoses. He said we got lucky it happened while we were home and not just broke on there own... LOL!

SkippyMom said...

I told my husband this story and he said the exact same thing. Those hoses were corroded.

A full washer, with water running into it - she did a heck of a lot more then kick it even if the hoses were bad. I think she used her laser vision. giggle.

Glad you were home.