Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cold has returned

It is in the 30's right now... We aren't even going to see 40's until Wednesday of next week. That's ok, because I still have tons of work that needs to be done. First, let me tell you I shelled about 2 pounds of peanuts last night in just about an hour. I got 1.9 pounds of peanuts. They are in a bag right now waiting for me to finish the other 3 pounds.... LOL! We that will have to wait until the weekend. I really should have done some today. But I was tired and I didn't feel good. ;o( I know poor me. But in my defense we got up early so Grim could get blood drawn and had a ton of running around, mouthy had a half day, I got my teeth cleaned and a filling. My cheek, you know the one that was wrapped around my ear.... Yep, that one.... it is finally going back into shape. Back teeth suck to have work done on. Then we had to go to Mouthy's parent / teacher. Same as usual. She is progressing with help and they tested her for her defiecincies in math. Well, ha I say and ha again. She is average, well the low side of average but average in math none the less. So the teacher she has in math is a complete dip. I didn't want Mouthy to have her but I had no choice. Picky had her and she was such a twit even then.... Blah! Anyways, Grim has some of the paperwork to be able to go back to work. He has to go for a physical and then he needs to be re-certified for his license. The license won't happen until April 4th or 6th, depends on which class he can go to. The down side is he has to go to Chicago! There are no classes closer. It bums me out a bit, it for the job though so who am I to complain. Ok, that took way to much time to write... LOL!

I need to go and get a gallon of paint for the dining room. I finally found the color swatch. And I need to measure to see how much chairmolding I need to get. Evertime the chairs bump the wall the paint chips so we are putting up the chairmolding. Then this weekend I need to paint the new doors Grim built for me. We had built the shelves a couple years ago. Now I have the doors up so I can use the shelves as part pantry. And the cats won't be able to get to anything. YEAH!

Oh, before I go I wanted to be accountable. When I weighed myself this morning I was down to 195.6 so that is 16.4 pounds down from my original weight. Well, I'm off to work in my room, hate putting clothes away... LOL!

Gotta Run,