Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1st

Well, this is an anniversary of sorts for me. 4 years ago, last night I smoked my last ciggarette. Normally, it doesn't affect me to much. But lately, I have noticed that when people are smoking or its on their clothes it smells really bad. Now please don't take offense. I smoked for more then half my life and I never realized how bad I smelled. I'm just really happy that I quit. Oh, there have been a few times when I could have really gone for one. But I held strong! LOL!

I bought some more seeds last night.
The only ones I can start in the house is Purple Tomatillo.
But I did get parsnip, kaleidoscope mix carrots,
turnips, golden beets and Detroit supreme beets!

I had a crown fall out last weekend. You remember the one that I fought so hard to keep. Well, not only is the crown out but the tooth has to go also. There just isn't enough tooth left to attach a new crown to. She said she would do it for me but she would not gaurantee it. So I have a consultation on April 19th with a specialist. The roots are into my sinus cavatity... that's why it hurt so much over the summer. But hopefully, everything will work out fine. When I have the work done. I am going to be asked to be put to sleep... LOL! I know that sounds funny to me too!

I am down 14/16 pounds since I started this diet/exercise plan. The reason for two weights is because it fluxes between those them. Today, I am going to start training for a 5K. Who would have ever thought that I would be in training for a 5K. I also told Grim that once I get down in weight I want to take up boxing. He thinks it would do me good.... Here me....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! LOL! My body is really starting to take shape. My shoulders are hard as a rocks... now if my belly would get on board I would be in exellent shape! (too much stress causes belly fat) Ohm, Ohm... Nope get me that punching bag....  :o)

Quick note* sourdough is souring and the edible sprouts are sprouting!

Gotta Run,


SkippyMom said...

Nicely don't on the fours years. That is awesome - and on the weight loss.

Hubs loves sourdough bread, but I can just not master it. If you could share any tricks or ideas he would be forever grateful.

[And I have to use a stand mixer or a bread machine to knead the dough due to my hands if you could help there.]


Melonie said...

Saying ohhhhm with you, dear! :-) Thanks for stopping by the blog and checking on us. It made me smile. I appreciate the thoughts and prayers!