Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Recap!

This weekend wasn't quite as busy as I think it was. We got our new mattress on Saturday night. But before that we were up early to go to bowling. After a few hours of that, we went and picked up our weekly csa share.... of course I didn't remember to take pictures. Once we got home I tossed a roast in the oven. Then me and the two older monsters got out the old mattress and box spring. Grim got Mouthy's room painted. Picky was helping paint and then proceeded to step and slouch the paint everywhere. Had to clean up that mess. I worked on day 3 of my 5K training. Once the mattress arrived Grim and I got it on the frame... snug fit! Then I had to go and search for bedding. Of course the stuff that was on the bed needed to be washed. Got the bedding on and watched a couple movies.

Sunday, I got up and made myself an omlette with 2 eggs, broccoli and bean sprouts. Yummmy! Then we had to run up to Sears for something. Came back home and I painted both windows and both doors.... did a bit of touch up on the walls. While that was drying Grim and Teenage monster went and got Chinesse food. Then it was time to put Mouthy's room back together.... Well, I should vaccumm her room right.... Yep! So I get the vacuum and it isn't working.... I guess the last time I used it the belt broke. So off to Kmart we go. Since we're there I pick up Picky an new pair of shoes, since the other ones got paint all over them. Get home and finish putting Mouthy's room back together in time for her bed time.... Then Grim and I watch the wild within.... good show, I hope they keep it on.... We watch Iron Chef and off to sleep I went.

Today was really no better. Got the monsters off to school, then therapy, then gym, lunch, strength training, shower, picked up a new propane tank, got new brakes and drums for Grim's truck, picked up the monsters, ate dinner (leftovers), off to bingo.... Now I'm home and exhausted. Man, typing it out really put into perspective. I did do a lot.

Gotta Run,