Thursday, March 10, 2011


First of all let me tell you that everything is fine... I am still happily married with three beautiful monsters.... I am losing weight and toning up.... I am entered into my first 5K, ever. So with all this your wondering what's wrong?!?

I just feel like I'm at a stand still.

The weather just won't change. It is snowing again. I know I will get out to my garden I just don't know when. My seedlings are going crazy. I am waiting... Have you ever felt like that... Like your stuck, waiting for whatever it is that will come and change it all. There is a ton of stuff that I should be doing instead of waiting... Because once the change comes I won't have time until the next winter to do them. But I'm tired of waiting this year... I want it now!!!! Now I say!!!! Alas, Mother Nature is teaching me a lesson in Patience!!!! Still haven't gotten that lesson learned.

I'm tired of knitting.... I'm tired of the computer.... Facebook is causing my brain to rot... Daydreams of warm weather, chickens, gardening and riding my bicycle are filling my head! Instead I look around and I see the same chores that were there yesterday and that will be there tomorrow. I watch my seedling grow and reach for the artificail light and smell the damp soil, wishing for the change!

Sorry for the quality, I took them off my phone. I figured I sit right next to them.... at least I could share!!!
The first pictue is of the remaining beans, tomatoes, and flowers. The second is of the pumpkins, chard, spinach and peas. So far so good. I only had one problem and that was with the beans. I have more seeds that I will be planting next week. So we should be in really good shape for when the weather does finally cooperate!

One day the real farm will come, as will the animals. For now I will sit here and wait... No really I have chores to do, oh well!

Gotta Run,


SkippyMom said...

It will come Yart - I know it is discouraging to keep getting snow, but Spring is just around the corner. Promise.

Your seedlings look great. We are going to attempt tomatoes on our back deck [no yard] this summer - but we are going to buy small plants instead of starting them from seed. I am too much of a novice.

Yart said...

Thanks Skippy! :o)