Saturday, September 4, 2010

The saga continues

I got all the corn done... 21 quarts only 1 didn't seal and I didn't catch it soon enough so I had to toss it. I got 12 - 4oz & 3 - 8oz jars of vanilla pear butter. Again one didn't seal but I caught that one in time. So yesterday we enjoyed vanilla pear butter on waffles. Yummmmm! Since all the work was done I took a two day break. I enjoyed it greatly! But once again I am back at it. Grim and I went and purchased 2 more bushels of corn yesterday. We got it all shucked and cobbed this mornining. I am typing to you all from the kitchen. I have the laptop set up on a tv tray. LOL! So that I can keep an eye on the pressure gauge. It is just a humorous sight to behold. This should give us enough corn for the year. I'm hoping, keeping fingers crossed. It will be almost one quart a week. So what this means is that I am going to have to can green beans again. The last time I canned them they were mushy, they tasted fine. I will have to find out what to do.

The next big venture is going to be carrots and potatoes. They just don't last in the basement, so they need to be canned. Fun, fun, fun..... I will buy a 50 pound bag of carrots and 100 pounds of potatoes. I guess this is the year that I invest in a couple more really good peelers. I can already hear the crying about not wanting to help...... I know I shouldn't cry in front of the monsters but whats a mom to do.... LOL!

School starts back this coming Tuesday. We tried to get everyone to sleep early but it just didn't happen. I haven't been sleeping well, dreams bad ones & dreams about my dad. But at least I know why I was dreaming like this. I got a facebook message last night that my estranged grandfather had a heart attack last Thursday (when the dreams started) and they just got around to letting me know last night. I'm not sure what I would have done if they would have let me know right away. Just like I'm not sure what I am suppose to do with this information. You know you make decisions and then a life time goes by and someone else wants to come back from the dead (basically) and change everything. Sorry about that. I guess I just needed to see it in black and white for it to start making sense.

And now for something completely different..... I went out to the garden yesterday thinking that the garden was pretty much done and ready to be put to bed for the winter (except for the garlic that will be planted in October). I go over to the beefsteaks and they are just green none have turned for fear of Bunnicula. So I decided that I would pick all the green ones. Then I head over to the roma's. They haven't done sh** so far this season. Well, this cool weather is what they like. They have set flowers and got small greens ones everywhere. So instead of ripping them out I was out there tying them up so the damn rabbit didn't get anymore as they turn. What truely weird weather we are having. I think we did better with the garden last year in the cold and rainy instead of hot and humid of this year.

We are having a ham today for dinner. It is very cool and damp today. So before I get the potatoes and carrots I will be canning ham and bean soup for the first time. It should be good. But anyways, I really need to get the freezers cleaned out. Grim is suppose to go hunting in November. So I have to get off my butt and get it done.....AHHHHHH! LOL! Well, tons to do!

Gotta Run,