Monday, September 20, 2010

Yeasty kind of day

The weather has finally changed to all its fall splendor. It is very cool, rainy and gray! So what's a gal to do, make bread of course. I have enough dough rising for 2 very loverly loaves of french bread. This is our favorite bread recipe. It has a chewy crust and soft inside. The butter just fills the bubbles.... Yes, I'm making myself hungry. That is what happens when I skip breakfast. So that will be done in a couple of hours.

Grim is getting all the stuff ready for us to bottle the Skull Splitter beer. It would have been done but this beer needed to be secondary fermented. Lots of fancy talk for, we need to wait longer... LOL! We did get the Scottish Ale bottled yesterday. Both beers will be ready for the holiday season. I have a nut brown that I have been waiting to try once the weather changed. With a nut brown you need a hearty meal for it to go with. It isn't your run of the mill hamburger beer. One of these days I will document the beer experience.

I even got some more of the apples done. Only half ~ of a half bushel. I got 11 jars of apple pie filling. One of the jars in first canner load popped its top. The lid and the ring came off. So I really only got 10 quarts to put on the shelf. I was so pissed. I understand when a jar breaks, but for the lid and ring to come off..... Ok, I'm done, plus it's not like I don't still have a ton of apples to process. I think I will make one more batch of pie filling and then I will use up the apples with carmel apple butter. It was a huge hit last year. And I'm already getting requests for more this year!!!

I need to go get more dishes done. Wash all the pie filling jars, cause they are sticky. And I need to label all of the carrots... No still haven't gotten them in the basement.... I know bad canner.... LOL!

Gotta Run,


SkippyMom said...

The nut brown beers sounds yummy - and it makes me think of a german meal - something with sausages, cabbage and a dark bread [wintery, y'know] Don't know why, but that's what I think of.

I am going to make french bread today - you are the second person to mention - and it just sounds soooo good.

Do you ever make applesauce with your apples? I miss my grandmother's canned applesauce, but I have never tried to make it. Perhaps this season?

Yart said...

I would be strung up if I didn't make applesauce...LOL! My oldest just loves it. I probably will get to it with part of these apples. Depending on how much carmel apple butter I make. Applesauce is really easy to do. I use a peeler/corer, cook down with a little water and then put through the food mill. Toss into jars and waterbath. Easier than tomatoes.

Whirliegig said...

Between the bread, beer, and apples you've officially made me hungry! Okay, it's early in the day for beer, but we could have it all for lunch with some cheese too, right?