Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jammie Day

Now that Band is back into full swing, we have re-started Jammie day. This is the day when we finish up on chores that we got lax on during the week. So if we get them done quick then it is just a laying around kind of day. We all got up around 11am this morning. It felt very good to sleep in. I have been doing the T-tapp hoe downs and bicycling all week. I have done almost 30 miles. So my muscles need a break today.

Grim dropped Band monster off at practice yesterday. Then we putzed around the house until it was time to go bowling. Well, as things would have it just as we are walking out the door the phone rings. Band monster is hurt and we need to come right away. So we take the other two to Nana's house and she will take them to bowling. Grim and I head over and get Band monster. Access the damage and take her to urgent care. She has a blood blister under her nail and she sprained her finger. All this from slipping while putting on a knee brace and smashing her finger to the ground. So needless to say she missed practice and she was unable to attend the first competition. Darn....LOL!

There is laundry and dishes to be washed, beer bottleing needs to be done and apples need to be cut up and cooked into pie filling. So much for lazy jammie day... LOL!

Gotta Run,