Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It couldn't last forever

The canning hiatis that is. I had gotten pears to eat myself healthy. But in this heat they started heading south really quick. So something had to be done. I found a great recipe at Diggin' the Dirt for Vanilla Pear Butter. I cooked it down last night and put it in the fridge because I was going to can it today. Well, of course the powers that be had other ideas for me.

A check came in! Yeah!!! Got the bill that had to be paid today paid!!!! Then Grim and I went on the hunt for corn. We have had very bad luck with finding good corn at a decent price. But the Fate's they did a smile on me. I found 4 dozen boxes for $9. I bought 2 as not having done corn before I was unsure of the amount I would get. Is this not the most beautiful corn you have ever seen.... LOL! Grim helped me shucking it. And the littlest monsters took the greens and silk to the compost. Gotta keep them involved.

I had both types of corn cobbers. I tried both of the corn cobbers and in my humble opinion they both sucked. So I did what any woman would do. I pulled out the mandoline, set it to the highest setting and away I went. Normally, I use filleting gloves when I use the mandoline. I couldn't find them so I thought I would just be careful. Everything went well until the last 8 ears. I slipped and sliced into my finger. Sorry no pictures of that. Not so that your not grossed out but so that I'm not. LOL!

That's alot of corn!
I have 7 quarts in the pressure canner, 7 in the prep area and a whole pot in the fridge for tomorrow. Grim and I were already talking about going back and getting 2 more boxes for me for the weekend. Yep, you guess it. We eat a ton of corn! Plus, by waiting till the weekend all this corn and the pear butter will be done.

This was suppose to be a cute post with an update on Fluffy! It has gotten really big. Here it is from the side!
Here is the close up

And even I didn't know we had a magic bunny.... It was trying to make itself dissappear!


Gotta Run,


Mother's Moon's Message said...

you have been a busy woman... the corn is gorgeous

Yart said...

I know I've been busy, but harvest only lasts so long so I have to get in as much as I can. That's why I try not to complain about it. I do this for a couple months then I have the rest of the year for pursuing my other interests.

Whirliegig said...

Look at all that corn! I'm envious!!!

Annette said...

I too am envious of all that corn! And the disappearing bunny. =) Wish my dust bunnies would do that trick w/o the encouragement of my broom.