Friday, September 17, 2010

Another week down

Well, we still have the weekend to get through. But for the most part this week was really eventful. First I was suppose to work Bingo. My first day back since the begining of summer. I wasn't looking forward to it. So when I got there and the police were in the parking lot I thought someone had been pulled over. That wasn't the case at all, it was something way more serious. Needless, to say Bingo was cancled and the bomb squad had to show up. LOL! I was very happy to go home!

Band practice has been hectic, rainy and cold. So you can guess Band monster has not been in the best frame of mind. I think that she would quit if she didn't like the music so much. See she wants to be a vet, the music is more of a hobby for her. She is good but she just isn't passionate about it. She has her varsity jacket and her letter already. I think that things would be better for her if her section leaders were a little more mature. But that is just a mom's opinion. Tomorrow her day will begin on the practice field at 8:30 am and she won't get home from the competion until 11pm. Yes, they practice all day, then go off to a competition. DEDICATION! I didn't have that when I was in school. I smoked and drank! Ah, the good old days! LOL!

I still have a bushel and a half of apples and 50lbs of potatoes that need to be processed. Grim is going to buy me a french fry cutter. One of the restaraunt quality ones. That way I get through the potatoes and get them into jars. The apples need to be cleaned and cut up for more pie filling. Just have to get my butt in gear and do it. Maybe I will start tonight. ?!?

I have been riding my outside and inside bicycles. I have done over 20 miles this week. Plus I have been doing the T-tapp hoe downs. Even though I am not doing them very well I am doing them. You can see the video here.

And if this exercise doesn't work I think I will be signing up for weight watchers. I have heard good and bad about it. I just don't want to spend any more money to loose weight.

Gotta Run,


Wandering Willow said...

I totally hear you on the money/weight loss! Wow I am not sure if I am coordinated enough for the T-Taps! LOL Band practice all day then a competition?!?! Yeah I definately would not have had that much dedication! I hope your weekend is very realaxing! I know I am looking forward to it! I also need to go and get my canning things I am still trying to find a place to buy in bulk. Our farmers market is closed this Saturday :(

zzop357 said...

If I get my leg that high it would be an accident!
I too am trying to lose weight and cut back on buying.I do raise my own chickens and we do eat the roosters. We live in town so there are live-stock laws. We keep a small garden and what we don't raise we get from a man down the street. I also crochet and sew. I love quilting too.
I wish you luck, I hope more people see the light soon. Before we all end up in the dark!

Yart said...

Willow ~ I'm not doing them where anyone can see me. I know I look really stupid... But what the heck, if I can loose a couple pounds it will be well worth it. Its to bad that your market is closed. Is it just closed for the day or the season?

Donna ~ I hear you with more people need to wake up. I wish I could have chickens... Dang, city laws...