Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The apples they hate me

I didn't get to the apples on Monday like I said I would. Some other more pressing stuff happened. But I did get up early on Tuesday and got started on them. I heated up the sauce and started the water. Got everything ready for the first 7 quarts. Got them into the water. I get 3 jars in and I hear a pop. I look and don't see anything floating. I add 2 more jars and I hear another pop. Now I start lifting the jars to see what is going on. You guessed it 2 of the jars lost their bottoms. So the water is all yucky with apple sauce but I went on to can up 10 1/2 quarts of sauce. They are sitting on the counter waiting to be washed and put in the basement.  I think more went into the garbage then I canned up this year. Recap: a whole crook pot of apple butter and the 2 quarts of sauce. I think it bothers me so much because I had to do it by hand. I cored and cooked then put through the hand cranked food mill (last year doing that). Lots of hard work wasted. But enough of that. I was able to get a ton of apple pie filling and jars of sauce. I guess that is what I need to focus on.

Picky monster comes home from school yesterday and tells me that before the science test the teacher called some of the s.ed kids to leave the room to get the test read to them. Picky was not one of those kids. But she was given a s.ed test. She is dyslexic. She can do it, it just takes forever. So I called the school and of course school had only been out for 20 minutes but there was no one to answer the phone. I leave a message and they call back this morning. And of course I have the wrong teacher....... I get transferred to the right person and I explain the issue. She tells me that it will be taken care of. She also tells me that Picky is due for her 3 year testing. She says that she feels that the testing is a waste right now, as Picky is still benefiting from the program. I tell her I agree because if Picky were to be tested right now and hit the borderline then she would be pulled out of s.ed and put in general education. Right now she is at a 5th grade level in 8th grade. She would never be able to keep up. Grim and I talked about it and we agree that if that were to be the case then I would be pulling her and mouthy out and homeschooling them. Picky so that she didn't feel behind and mouthy just because she couldn't stand letting her sister be home all day everyday while she had to deal with her arch nemesis.... LOL! Long story, one day I'll write about that.

Today has not been the greatest of days. We dropped off forms to be filled out by Grims doctor's office. We even have to pay $10 for each form. And this is a regular occurrence, each appointment we have forms. Each time we seem to have problems getting them filled out. We went in last Friday to see if they were ready. I was told that they took 7-10 days and it was only the 7th day. So today is the 10th day. I called about an hour and half ago. They can't find the forms.... Go figure! I already paid for them to be filled out and I told them that if the one form isn't filled out my husbands job is going to fire him. Which is the god's honest truth. They now after 6 months of me sending them everything they required are threatening us with if the forms aren't received by October 6th my husband will be terminated. Even though they have a note from the doctor that Grim will have surgery on October 11th. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Is it really to much to ask that people do the job they are paid to do?!? So here I sit waiting for the doctor's office to call me back. I'm only going to give them another hour then I'm heading up to the office. Cause I think it is one of the out of sight out of mind things!

Gotta Run,


Anonymous said...

Love the halloweeny look. Good luck with the forms... frustrating!

SkippyMom said...

Could that be anymore frustrating? Good luck with the forms sweetie.

And nice job on the applesauce - sorry you lost a few - still sounds yummy tho'.