Sunday, September 12, 2010

Where did the day go

This week has been busy, as the first week of school usually is. We have had band practice, bowling, and homecoming dress shopping. Toss in therapy, canning, beer making, vehical repairs and you can see why Sundays are suppose to be lazy, jammy day. So what do we do, you ask? We decide to go on a road trip.

We head out for an hour and a half drive from the highways to back roads to dirt roads. We are the hunt for chestnuts. We get out to the farm and speak to the owner. Unfortunately we are a couple of weeks early. To bad it looks like it would fun to pick chestnuts. So we will be going back out there in a couple of weeks. The monsters were a little dissappointed. The owner of the farm told us an apple orchard just down the road. So we went there and got the monsters some donuts and cider. I got a jar of sorgum. Not sure what it is but I thought I can use it some time. We then went to find a shoe store to find Band monster shoes for homecoming. See she has a size 13 foot. Trying to find her shoes is crazy. We will find something.

As far as canning is going I got 50 pounds of carrots done, peach pie filling and some apple made into apple pie filling. I was also able to get apples dehydrated. The monsters loved them. I think that I will powder them so that I can add it into things. Grim made a scotch ale that will be ready by Christmas. Tomorrow we will be making something that is called Skull Splitter.

Gotta Run,