Monday, September 6, 2010

I survived

(image from photobucket)

All of the corn is done for this year. I got a total of 41 quarts done. I know I said that the next big venture would be the carrots and potatoes, maybe beans. But I lied! There I said it I lied. More people should be honest like me... LOL! Instead of these staples that really are needed I went and got 2, let me say that again two bushels of McIntosh apples. They were only $15.50 for seconds per bushel. See why I couldn't pass them by. Oh, the wonderful goodies that I will make with these slightly imperfect gems! Ah, almost sets my heart to swoon! While I was at the orchard I also picked up a bottle of homemade Blackberry Vinegar. It sure sounds yummy, I just don't know what to do with it.

I will be going later this week to get the above mentioned items. That way maybe I can be done canning produce before the end of September. I really need to do that, as I still have to clean out the freezers. I went to start to do that today. But like the best laid plans, something else came up. We as a family cleaned out and up the entire basement. It only took a couple hours but really needed to be done before winter sets in for the long haul. See I have terrible allergies with dust and mold. Both of which are very present in the basement. I even had a mini asthma attack. It took awhile for the coughing and wheezing to stop. All better now and I can breath in the basement now... Yeah!

We took the monsters to the zoo on Sunday. We got a membership a couple of months ago but this is the first time this year we have had a chance to take the girls. They had a ton of fun. There is a whole new kids exibit that they get to do hands on things and a huge play area. Plus, the zoo is also implementing a lot of eco-inovations. The 2 press flush, the air driers in the bathrooms, LED lighting, solar and wind power. It was fasinating for the kids to see these things first hand. And of course there were several baby animals that they abosolutely loved. I had a great time in the garden section seeing how they had planted and what was growing. Of course I forgot my camera. Isn't it always the way, though.

The monsters are all having night before school starts jitters. The older two are both going to new schools and the little one doesn't want to leave me. I guess she just had to much fun at home with me this summer. All the clothes are laid out and showers were taken. Bangs were cut and backpacks packed. New school year here they come for better or worse only 9 months / 40 weeks, the countdown begins! And after the littlest one is safe and sound in class I will cry all the way home. I hate school!

Band monster hits me up today with I really want to go to homecoming. So she is going to ask her best guy friend if he wants to go with her as a friend. I think he will say yes. That means that we need to get our butts moving and get out and get her a dress and shoes. There are several places around here to look, hopefully, we can find something. My sewing skills are not that good and she is almost 6 foot tall so I can't just go to the thrift store to find the dress. That's ok, she is my baby and we will do what we have to.

Here I go again just rattleing about everything and nothing.

Gotta Run,