Thursday, August 26, 2010

Taking a Break

Today I slept in..... I could have slept longer but I knew I would never sleep tonight. And I guess I slept to long as it was. I didn't can anything today. I still have half a stockpot with tomatoe puree waiting to be made in to spaghetti sauce. I will get to it tomorrow.

Grim and I went looking to price carpet for the living room. We found a nice eco friendly product from Mohawk. It is called Everstrand. It is made out of plastic water bottles. They are recycling tons of plastic to make this product. And it was cheaper then some of the traditional carpets. So when the time comes we will be heading back to Lowe's to get it.

I even made dinner tonight. I bought cube steaks and fried them with onion and mushrooms. Then I took a can of cream of mushroom soup and a half a can of milk, added it to the pan. Then put everything over pasta! Yummm! Grim and the littlest monters had sloppy joes! Yep, we tend to be very diverse in our eating habits.

Tonight I started on chainmail. I am making it for a friend, it's part of his costume for the upcoming ren fest! He is going to be a Knightly Jestor!?! Grim and the little monster are the only ones not going to be dressed up. I will be wearing my period authentic wenching outfit and the oldest monster will be wearing my Irish serving wench outfit. Picky monster going to be wearing a halloween outfit to make herself look like a fling of sorts. This will be the first time in years that we have been able to go. Usually we just don't have the time. But with Grim still off work. We might as well go and do while we have the opprotunity.

Then I think on Sunday we will take a ride to the country and get corn on the cob and possibly a bushel of peaches..... Did you hear that? It was the house groaning.... LOL! Since this has been the year of new things, why not try canning corn and peach pie filling. I have had the clear jel just been waiting to use it. I might as well get this stuff done as school starts on September 7th. Blech.....I hate, hate, hate school. But it does get them out of the house for a few hours. I just like having my free time with the monsters. Actually, I feel the same way about school now as I did when I was a kid..... LOL! I guess somethings never change.

Plus, bingo starts back up again soon. I know as much as I complain about it. It really does come in handy as what I make goes into her band account to help pay for expenses. I paid for band camp this year by working the bingo. Next week will be my last meeting as President of our Auxiliary for the Legion. Hopefully, we will get enough people to show up to hold an election. If not I will have to turn in our Charter. I hate to have to do it but participation has been nill.

Gotta Run,