Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not a lot

Not been a lot going on here lately. I have just been tired and it has been very hot. Now that it has started to cool down... High 80's! At least it isn't 100's any more. I have a ton of stuff that needs to be done. But I am just being to lazy to get any of it done. 

Band monster is doing fine at camp. She is calling me a couple times a day. There is lots of swimming and free time. The food isn't to bad she says! But I know she is wanting to come home. My monsters even say that they don't want to move out. So Grim and I need to find a place with lots of room so that they can live near us. I know it is kewl and kind of creepy all at the same time.... LOL!
I have decided to give a low glycemic index diet a try. Well, actually the whole family is going to do it. We are all overweight... I tried to get books from the library. But they were all checked out. So Grim and I went to Barnes & Noble, and I was able to get a couple of books on the subject. Just got them today so I haven't had time to read them. Hoping that it will do the trick to looseing the weight.

Grim and I went to see The Expendables. It was very good for a shoot em up movie! Plus, Jet Li and Sylvester Stallone were hot.... so that didn't hurt at all! LOL!!

Gotta Run,