Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Almost done

I sliced up the bushel of cucumbers. With them I made 38 1/2 quarts of pickles. This time around I used pickle crisp. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that they are crunchy. I can hope!

The bushel of tomatoes has been cooked down and half of it made 6 pints of ketchup. I am shocked and amazed each time I make some thing new. Not that I doubt my abilities but really who would think that this city girl for all of her adult life and part of her childhood would be making ketchup. And not only that but I even had the family commenting on that it even looked like ketchup.... LOL! The rest of the tomatoe puree is in the fridge waiting to be made into spaghetti sauce. All of the peppers I bought have been dehydrated.

I bought a 5 pound can of tomatoe paste. Why you ask? I am going to make taco sauce. My family pours it on anything resembling Mexican food. Almost like a ketchup. So I got the brilliant idea to make it from scratch..... LOL! I keep thinking wait'll they get a load of me.... to funny!

Mind you I was able to get out to the garden today. There are eggplant, peppers of all kinds, last of the beets, a couple of tomatoes (damn rabbits), that all need my attention. Oh, and the tiny ears of popcorn! Almost forgot them.

Ahhhhhh, summer! I was a really good thing that I went in the garden today, or else I would have been very late in harvesting my sunflowers. I was able to a picture of one of the three that were ready.

Tonight is the full moon.... The corn moon, also known as the barley moon! It couldn't come at a better time, as this is my moon the One that makes me feel like harvesting and putting food by for the winter. It is the moon that represents the changing of time.... not the seasons but of time. Days growing shorter, school starting, and the hint of autumn in the air that makes you want to be the ant not the grasshopper. This is my favorite time. It is still warm enough to do what ever and still be able to sleep at night. Sorry no pictures of the moon as it is overcast here. I remember being on the farm when I was a kid, haying. This was the moon that helped guide our way back to the farm and the barn. That is when I learned to drive a tractor, hay and almost lost my leg to the elevator. But those were good times great even. Nostalgia, ain't it great!

Gotta Run,


fullfreezer said...

LOL! I saw the picture of the beets, tucked in among everything else and my first thought was that they were dead mice. Of course, on further examination, I could see what they were. Isn't it funny how our eyes play tricks on us. Maybe I'm just hoping for a load of dead mice since they seem to be ravaging things in my garden.

Yart said...

Judy, thanks for the laugh..... You know I often wonder if I took a good picture or not... Now I know I should be more careful with the angle...LOL!

Dunappy said...

I've been busy Pickling my squash. I don't have quite as many pints of pickles as you have, but I have a good start.