Monday, August 30, 2010

Where has the time gone

Summer is quickly making its exit, but it isn't going without a fight. It has been in the 90's all week. We went to the Ren fest over the weekend. I was going to dress the part but I had put the costume in one of those space bags and the bodice shrunk.... So while we there I had to purchase a bigger one. Grim got himself a kilt. Now we need to make all of the rest of the outfit. He could have got family colors but went with the Black Watch colors of Ireland! Blues and Blacks. I had pictures... But apparantly I can't be trusted with a camera. I deleted all the picture off the camera....I am a ditz at times.

I have lost 2.6 pounds. I have been trying to cut down on the portion sizes. And today I did 20 sit-ups. And I will be starting Leslie Sansone Walk at Home: 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk, today. Grim also wants to go for a bicycle ride tonight. I need to loose this weight. I hate being fat. I am 5'8" and 207 pounds. I'm not rolly polly. But I do really resemble an apple with stick limbs and a head. I know what a visual... LOL!
I am at a stand still with canning. No corn or peaches. Our pay got all screwed up because the damn doctors office that we pay $10 per form didn't bother to fill out the forms. We need them to get paid. So when Grim gave them grief about it we finally got them. But it was like 2 weeks behind and so the pay is 2 weeks behind. Once this all get squared away then I will get back to canning.

But since I have all this free time. I was finally able to get the living room cleaned up. It took all day and the dusting didn't get done. But all the extra junk that was in the room either has been tossed or relocated. Which was a good thing. Grim had to get up early to take picky monster to orientation. And of course I had a panic attack, so I slept out on the couch as to not keep him up. I'm fine now, but when I have them it feels like I'm having a heart attack. When they first started years ago I thought I was dying. But now when it happens, it annoys me and I get though it. They don't happen as much as they use to. For that I'm very thankful. 

Gotta Walk,


SciFiChick said...

I can't believe you deleted the pictures! Sounds like something I have been known to do.
As for canning, hey the rate you have been going lately you could use a little break!