Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another busy day

Like I said the other day, about the Earth not spinning any more... Well, as it so happens it stopped for just a split second of time. And I had a momentarily lapse in judgment. I purchased a full bushel of roma tomatoes. Since this coming week is going to be crazy I decided to get started on cooking down the tomatoes. I got both of my stock pots on the stove cooking down. Then I took and put them through the food mill. I was going to freeze it until I had time to use it right. Then I get half the bushel done and realize that I don't have room in the freeze for all this stuff. So with part of it I made more bbq sauce. This time it turned out great. It really did cook down and it looks just like store bought. Plus, this time I also got 5 pint jars canned and 3/4 pint in the fridge. So it was more cost effective this time. With the other pot of tomatoe puree I am making spaghetti sauce. My house smells wonderful! With this batch and what I have left of the uncooked tomatoes I should only need maybe one more bushel to finish out the year! This is great as I thought I would need way more. Less work... WOO HOO! 

Grim has an older pickup truck that is starting to show it's age. The bottom of the doors are rusted. So we have been on a hunt for newer ones. He was able to find all for doors over the weekend. But when we drove out all but 1 was rusted in the same way that his are. The good news is that we got 1 new door. The paint is a different color, so when we get all 4 doors on he will be getting a paint job for the truck. Last year we did the front end work. So soon he will have almost a new truck...LOL! I got a surprise when I got in my car today. There was a great big spider that hitched a ride on the door we brought home. Needless to say the spider went on to meet his maker. It scared the begessous out of me.
I had to take band monster to precamp, then pick her up early so she could be at a preformace for WWII Vets. Then pick her up and take Grim to his frist PT session. Then take her back to precamp. Plus, help a friend get stuff moved. Man o Man this day is just super busy with running. 

The living room still needs to be cleaned. And with that said I am on the computer typing this... LOL! Just not enough time. But I did figure that if I were to get rid of the computers and the tv, I would be able to as much as our forefathers. Hmmmmm, that is just too much work.... and no play! And that won't work since I am on my new notebook right now. Can't let it go to waste... LOL! It doesn't have internet yet so right now I am using it as a word processor. Which is working out great considering that I am upstairs canning and typing. Before I couldn't be on the computer while canning because it was in the basement and I couldn't leave the stove. Now it I can do two things at once.

Gotta Run,