Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Who knew?!?

I have just been obliviously unaware of some of the things that are going on in this country. I think the less I know the better it is for me and my family. I tend to jump on the panic bandwagon. I don't do it on purpose, but I take my job as the responsible adult of 3 kids, helpmate to my DH and barometer for the sheeple of the family, very seriously.

What has me in an uproar this time.... LOL! There is apparently a shortage of canned pumpkin. All over the country the slots on the grocery store shelves are bear. Those who knew of this disaster are freaking out. How will they have pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving?!? Last year, about 1/3 of the pumpkin crops were wiped out due to the weather, hence the shortage this year.

I'm feeling good about this one thou. I have like 10 cans on the shelf and last year I froze 2 gallon size bags of pumpkin (fresh cooked down). I know that we will have pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.

But, this brings me to another thought (as it usually does). What did the weather wreck havoc on this year? I know tomatoes and potatoes were hit with blight. Possibly peppers also were hit. Did grain suffer? What is still available to get and put up. I know I will be doing way more squashes for the freezer this year then I did last year. As they can be made into soup, ravioli, breads, and even made into a sauce. I'm just learning how versatile squash's really are. I will be getting 100 pounds of potatoes to carry us over for the winter. Normally, I get 50 pounds and it gets us to about March. And that's just with them sitting in the pantry. I canned up 22 pounds from my own garden and the second 50 pound bag will be canned also. That way I won't have to spend $2 a pound for potatoes....(hypothetical dollar amount, don't want to freak anyone one out!). I already have lots of tomatoes. And I still have a bushel that will be made into spaghetti sauce. If I have to I will bite the bullet and buy a couple more for sauce.

Two years ago I found out the same way that rice was in short supply and the demand was huge. Everyone was in a panic. I had enough to get us through. But that is what it means to have a well stocked pantry. I know that some try to have any where from a 3 month to a year supply. I really don't know how long we could last on what I have put up.

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