Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back to the Grind

I guess that it is time for me to come back to the blog. I have my first meeting of the new year tonight for the Legion. School starts next Tuesday and Marching Band is in full swing. Since I need to get back into a schedule for everything that also includes the blog.

Band monster (use to be teenage monster) has to go for sectionals early before practice tonight. So I will be tossing together a pasta dish for dinner. The hamburger is leftover from taco's the other night. This is a quick dish. Pasta, cooked meat and sauce. One the side salad, bread and butter.

Then after I take her, I have to come home and get my itinerary set up for the meeting tonight. I am hoping to get this meeting done in less then an hour. Even with all the pomp and circumstance these things shouldn't last forever. We need to make a couple of decisions on fund raisers.

I also have a ton more of tomatoes to cook down. Some are starting to go mussy so I think that they are going to become juice. But then again.... You never know. I need to harvest more of the mint and lemon balm and dry it out. Next pay I need to get carrots and onions so that I can put more up in the freezer and dry. Plus I need to get zucchini, so that I can make bread and freeze it.

I started working on sewing up fleece squares that came in a kit for something else. I have 4 strips sewn together. I think that tonight I will get it finished. Not sure where it will get used at. But at least it will be finished. If I get that done and still have some energy, I have more projects to do. I need to make a runner for the buffet. And one day I really need to make an apron.

Gotta Run,


Domestic Witch said...

wow busy busy! I also have to live by a schedule to get things done! Otherwise I'd never leave the computer!