Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Already?!?

Wow, were has this week gone? It seems like just yesterday the kids were talking about not wanting to go and now this is the first Friday. Our schedule has been full this week. First we had a half day on Tuesday, then helped DH work on his truck ( blew a caliper in the back wheel and do the brakes since we were there), marching practice and then dinner late ( not my plan but the work on the truck took longer then expected) then I canned up 9 quarts of stewed tomatoes. I didn't get to bed until after 1am. Then up Wednesday to take the monsters to school, full day! I was able to go through all 1000 of my emails and make several posts here and at one of the forums I belong to. Made hambuger helper for dinner before we had to run to get the rest of her uniform and go to practice. Was in bed by 10:30, boy was I tired. I got to sleep in on Thursday, DH took them to school. It was a lazy day. I played around with the computer and dehydrated some Swiss Chard. We had pork steaks in tomato/BBQ sauce for dinner. I also had to run up to the post as there was an activities meeting that I needed to attend. I watched the first episode of Supernatural, when I got home. Then was in bed by midnight. Now I am up with the sun, playing with the computer and paying bills online... Yuck! I have some errands to run today, then tonight DH and I are going to a football game. We are going to see Marching Monster March! Woo Hoo!

Then on to the weekend. Think it will be all rest and peaceful. Nope! We have to be up in the morning as there is an all day practice. Then Picky monster has a steak dinner to help out at the post. And if I'm lucky we still have to finish going through all of the old clothes some time on Saturday. Then we can maybe have some jammy time on Sunday. Over the next couple of months with practice and school, plus whatever else comes up we are going to be super busy. Winter will be a nice reprieve.

Before I leave for the day, I want to share a couple of sites.

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Gotta Run,