Friday, May 15, 2009

What to do

Have you ever been to the point when you just look around and wonder what am I going to do next. I know that there are a lot of small projects to do. But I am not seeing any big ones right now. Or at least none that I can afford.... Like getting the sod. Hmmmm..... What to do?!?

Yesterday I mowed the front and side yards. I have these really pretty orange and yellow flowers. I let them go to seed every year to increase the amount but this year they didn't seed in the circle they are planted in. I took some of the seedlings that decided to grow out side of the circle and put them in the circle to help fill it in. One day I will get pictures. I know I am bad about that.

Finished up the laundry and helped out with the dishes as teenage monster has been busy after school with this marching thing. Got the bathroom washed down. So I can go into this weekend with little to do.

Mom is having her yard sale. I am taking my afghans over to try and sell. Plus the rest of the candy bars from the fundraiser. We already paid for them. Now we need to re-coop the money. DH also has a saw of some type to sell. If we can sell all of this stuff. That would be great!!!

Gotta Run,