Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Bread's

I have managed to get back to my schedule. I made bread and hot dog buns. The house smells wonderful. I haven't made bread in a few weeks. I missed doing it but didn't realize it until today. I like being able to create not only something edible but yummy as well.

I have a whole list of what I would like to try and get accomplished today. And I have even checked off a few items. The list thing is going to become part of my daily life as I tend to forget what I am suppose to be doing. Really I am not a bobble head... LOL! Even though sometimes I feel like it. This way I can see that I did do something all day instead of just playing with the computer.

I didn't sell any of my afghans at my mom's yard sale. I was a little disappointed. I was going to take the money and buy more yarn. That way I would be one step ahead for winter. I know spring is here and I am thinking winter again. But isn't that all the nice weather is for preparing for the next winter....YUCK! So I will have to keep plugging along with You Data. I have made almost $8.00 with them. Not bad for a couple minutes of time each week.

I was able to order my adapter for the vacu-sealer. I got it from I earned enough from SwagBucks to get $20 in gift cards. I have only been a member there since February. Every little bit helps.

We need a few more nicer days. We had a frost advisory last night. Luckily, it missed us. And all of my little plants are doing well. The onions are even starting to grow. Woo Hoo! This garden thing might actually work. Hoping it does so then I will be busy using all of these jars.

Speaking of jars. DH is going to change somethings around in the pantry. He is going to take down one shelf that is in the way and put up the shelving unit the neighbor gave me. Then on the other side he is going to take some scrap wood and build me more shelves for the jars. As I will be using the metal one for the buckets, toilet paper, water & other big stuff.

I need to make more laundry soap. It will have to go on the list as I knew it had to be done and even got more fels-naphta to do it. It just slipped my mind. I only have enough left for two more loads. But I can do that today and it will be ready for tomorrows washing.

Gotta Run,