Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just call me

Little Miss Sunshine or should I say little miss sunburnt.

Today started off great. I slept in. Got up and put on comfy hanging around the house clothes. You know the type. Then I went out and watered the garden, picked out a couple of weeds. Marveled at the amazing things happening in the garden.

Then I got out all of the coupons that have been waiting for me. And proceeded to cut out the ones I want and the ones to send over seas to our Military for the Legion. I put my legs (knee down to bare feet) propped up on another chair and relaxed. The next thing I know all heck is breaking loose.

My mom shows up with Teenage monster. They were gone most of the morning. The DH gets home from work. Dear Brother and Date come over. One of DH's work buddies showed up.

We spend the afternoon in the cleaned up, reclaimed yard. It was a very nice treat to have a yard full. The only problem was that I started out under the shade of the umbrella. And then somehow I ended up in the sun. Didn't bother me until I came in the house and noticed that my nose could out do Rudoulf's. Then I looked at my arms and my poor legs. They really haven't seen sun sense some time last summer. They are all nice and rosy pink.

I know better but everything happened so fast that I didn't think to run in and put on sun block 5000.

Didn't get much done other than a load of laundry, some coupons clipped and the garden watered. But man o man am I tired.

Gotta Run,