Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuesday's Musings on Wednesday

Yesterday, I worked in the garden all day. I finished putting in the grids. Then I got to planting. I planted everything I had and still need more. The only thing I didn't plant was the beet seeds and the garlic that is in the fridge. I need more onion sets and still need to get potatoes and more corn seeds to plant also. I still have about 30 squares to fill up.

I did take pictures but as usual the camera is upstairs and I am to pooped to run up and get it. For wordless Wednesday I will post.

Went to the District meeting last night. I am so happy that they are every other month. As they really do drag on and on. But now that is done until September when they reconvene. Since the meeting ran so long mom and I stayed and each grabbed a hot dog and watched the end of the biggest looser. I was so happy that Tara didn't win. I was disappointed that Mike didn't win but with the weight he lost he got something way better a life.

Today I drug DH with me to do some over due shopping. We didn't spend tons but we got a lot. We had to go to Kroger to get pet food and supplies. Then we went to Aldi's and got some fridge stuff and stock up items. Got more canned milk, tuna, baked beans and the like. Then went to the bakery as I haven't had time to bake anything. I guess that I will have to maybe try and do better on the weekends if I know that week is going to be crazy or maybe freeze some. Then I went to the meat market and picked up some bacon for tonight and country ribs for the freezer and hamburger to make meat balls with. I figure I will freeze them for a later use.

Teenage monster is at a Marching Band thing tonight. Not sure what she is doing but I hope she can keep up. Monday she fell at school and hurt her knee. It was fairly swollen so I let her stay home yesterday. So keeping fingers crossed that she will ok for this as it is tomorrow night also.

Gotta Run,