Monday, May 4, 2009

Times a ticking

I was watching this great series on doing the laundry.

And while watching it they talked about how you need to have simpler things so to get done with the laundry faster. Which led me to read a blog about time. I will paraphrase as it is easier. The old timers had time to do all the chores and still had time for the kids, friends and church. And now a days we seem to be chasing our tails as we don't have time to do anything. Well, this all got me thinking. Usually not a good thing. But we waste so much time now on seemingly unimportant things. I am guilty of this: instead of making a 20 second call I will text and it will take me 20 minutes, between me typing and them replying. Then I sit and read all of these wonderful blogs. But time is ticking and I'm not doing what I probably should be doing. At least right now I have laundry going and that is why I am here right now. But what do you do that wastes time that you could maybe cull so that you could free up that time? One of my oldest habits that I broke was to sit down and talk on the phone. Sometimes depending on the person on the other end it could be a very long conversation. Now when the phone rings I answer and continue to clean or what ever I was doing before the phone rang. Multi tasking.. LOL!

All of the laundry is caught up and now I am working on my bedding. Picky monster didn't want to do her chores of getting all her bedding down to the basement so she got skipped till next time. It is suppose to be almost 70 degrees here today so a perfect day to hang laundry outside.

I am going to my mom's today to clean out behind her garage and maybe get the raspberries moved..... YEAH! I need them moved as I want to put in grape vines and the raspberries are in my way. But I didn't want to just dig them up and toss them. So I will still get to keep the berries and also have grapes. Off to do that now.

Gotta Run,