Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Musings

I know that I have been MIA for the past week and a half. I have just been so busy. Teenage monster has had a marching band thing to do which took up quite a bit of time. Then we had to work on a new gate type of thing to keep the dog out of my garden. He got in there the other night and squashed a lot of plants. I am hoping that they survive.

We have also reclaimed our yard. There was a ton of stuff that didn't need to be there that is now gone. Once upon a time someone not us put in a path from the house to the garage. DH thought it was just a small amount. Well the time came for me to get rid of it. So away I started to work. I pulled out great big pieces of broken concrete that they had used. We ended up with enough to make the retaining wall for another garden bed. This one now holds day lilies and daisies, from another part of the yard. We also started to till the bed where the raspberries were. The trench that was left from the path is now filled. The yard looks nice but really bear. LOL! The fire pit also has 4 new blocks underneath it now. Very level and stable.

I haven't done much baking. I have been using some of the stored foods. As I need to start making room for this years harvest. From the neighbor that moved we got a shelving unit. That DH was able to get situated in the pantry. The 5 gallon buckets are on the bottom two shelves right now and I have all the dehydrated jars placed. The toilet paper is on the top shelf and I have a few baskets filled with stuff also.

Right now I have 3 baby tomatoes on the heirloom tomatoe and the peppers are budding like crazy. I have pictures. The potatoes are starting to sprout out of the tires. YEAH! And the corn should be knee high by July.

DH picked up another 2 cases of bottles and 2 more types of beer. One is a Scotch Ale and the other is a Dortmouth? So now we have the guiness type, which was just recently opened and the irish red ale is completely gone. I think he will need another 4 cases of bottles before we are done. That way he can have enough bottles to make at least one type every month and still have some to drink.

Got more canning jars and the food saver gadget but it didn't come with the hose. So now I have to find the hose or buy the canisters which I really don't want. But I might not have any other way.

Well, still lots to do here.

Gotta Run,