Sunday, October 17, 2010

Who woulda thunk it

This weekend wasn't as quite as I would have liked it to have been. First I found a travel trailer that I want.... So I called my local city ordinance officer.... after playing phone tag I was able to get clarification on storing it in my driveway behind the house. But it was to late to go to the bank and call for an appointment (found on craigslist).... I want to have the cash in hand, so that way if it is decided to buy it, it can be done right away. Now that is on the agenda for next weekend.... that is if the people who own it still own it.

Like I said yesterday band monster had an all day practice. And we had to take the littlest monsters to bowling. But since Grim can't bowl, we left Picky monster at the alley and we went yard saling..... Really the middle of October, I'm yard saling. I actually went to more yesterday then I did all summer. I got a ton of really kewl stuff. I got a vintage embroidered blanket, a newer steamer trunk, 2 small Thermos's, 9 vintage aprons, several purses/bags, some glassware, a spice rack, 2 barbies, clothes for the monsters, dress boots for Mouthy, oh and a 100% silk scarf for a dime. Had tons of fun! I am jumping the gun again and went ahead and picked a color for the inside of the trailer....Blues... So I was really looking for stuff for the trailer..... Didn't really find anything though.... The fates didn't smile on me.... LOL!

We went to see Band monsters performance last night. Then we went to the store so I could pick up some stuff to get the tea party started. I worked on a few things last night. But the rest was done today. Man was it time consuming.... Each monster helped out with something. Everyone was drooling and chomping at the bit to help eat the goodies...... But I had to do the photo shoot first.... LOL! I love the Internet..... I have found so many like minded people..... In the real world not so much! If I was to tell real world people that I was hosting an online tea party for Halloween they would think I was crazy..... But there are a lot of people who have signed up to take part in it..... It is so good not to feel all alone in the world......Ahhhhhhhh! LOL!

Well, tomorrow back to the grind.... monsters have school, Grim has therapy and I, not to sure what I'll be doing but I guarantee that it won't be boring!

Gotta Run,


SciFiChick said...

I wouldn't worry to much about the trailer. More than likely it will still be there. If not, then I guess it just wasn't really meant to be!
Your tea party sounds like great fun!